Upcoming Camps

Reception to Year 6

Put on a show in less than a week! Each camp is tailored to a different theme and is filled with singing, dancing, acting, and arts & crafts. In the summer we’re also joined by some very special workshops from character meets and soft play to chocolate making and petting zoos. An experience your child will never forget!

We currently offer camps for children in Reception to Year 6 at school, however are happy to open camps for ages 3 to 4, and secondary school if we have 8 children 🙂


Does my child have to do 5 days?

We recommend attending a full week in order to best prepare for the show for family and friends, however it is possible to book single days.

Are there any discounts?

If attending all 5 days the last session is free of charge!

My child is in reception but 4 years old, can they join the age 5 to 7 camp?

Unfortunately not. This is a question we are asked often. As we’re OfSted registered as an after school and holiday club, the law states we can’t look after under 5s for more than 4 hours a day.

My child has attended longer camps elsewhere… this is also something we hear a lot. Many childcare providers aren’t aware of OfSted rules so may not be aware that they’re breaking them. It may also be that your club is registered on the compulsory OfSted register for day care settings and is operated by nursery qualified and Level 3/4 childcare staff.

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